Parent Mail

ParentMail is used for :

  • St Marys to be able to communicate with Parents/Carers,
  • Parents/Carers to be able to book Parents Evening
  • Parents/Carers to be able to Pay on line 

Log onto ParentMail/ParentMail App to make all payments and view communication from the school.  

Payments for Lunch are paid directly into the Dolce account through SchoolGrid. No cash accepted.

Payments for all other items such as trips, events, books, fund raising, and school uniform are paid into St. Mary's Catholic Primary School bank account through ParentMail. (Please note that your bank statement will display "St. Mary's" for these payments).

The school encourages all payments to be made online, although cash is accepted. 

Parents' Evening appointments will be available to make via the ParentMail App.  Details are sent in advance of the evening and parents are given a window, within which the bookings can be made.

In order to use ParentMail you must register your email account and get yourself connected to the ParentMail portal.  If you are new to the school, your email address will be used and you will receive a registration email from ParentMail Requesting you to connect to ParentMail.

You can buy uniform online.  This can be found in your "Payments" section, and then "Shop".

Trips/Events and other Payments can also be made in the "Payments" section, and then "Shop".

The school will communicate on all matters through ParentMail and all upcoming trips and events are available to view on the website or within ParentMail.

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